• 884 MC 3PH 400V Gate Motor (3500KG)

    Industrial Capacity

    The 884 operator has been manufactured to handle the heaviest commercial or industrial-type gates in the simplest, most convenient way.

    Exceptional Support Strength

    The industrial design is guaranteed by the exceptional performance characteristics of the gate motor, which allows a frequency of 100% uninterrupted use for gates weighing up to 2000 Kg.

    Protection in Movement

    A corrosion-proof coating that is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, combined with IP55 protection of the operator, fully enhances the durability and safety for which FAAC electromechanical technology is renowned.

    Constant Safety

    Anti-crushing safety is ensured by an electronic device which adjusts the drive torque directly.

    Maximum Service, Minimum Maintenance

    Maintenance has been reduced and made easier with the ability to access the operator without removing the gate. Additionally, electricity consumption is minimised by the system’s outstanding mechanical efficiency.

    • Twin-disk clutch in oil-bath
    • Breaking device: reduces stop spaces and keeps the gate in the closed position
    • Steel housing protected by cataphoresis treatment and polyester paint

  • D10 – Industrial Sliding Gate Motor

    So much thought has been put into every aspect of the CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor that we’ll have to wait for technology to catch up before we can make any improvements! The CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor uses a battery-driven high-torque 24V DC motor, coupled to a robust gearbox to provide an access automation system that is quick, powerful and battery backed up – perfect for industrial and commercial applications where heavy gates are installed.
    Easy to set up and easy on the eye, the CENTURION D10 industrial sliding gate motor has everything you’d expect from CENTURION. Add an LCD controller that can monitor diagnostics and set any function at the touch of a button and you’ll understand why you won’t need another gate motor for a long time.
  • D10 TURBO – HIGH-SPEED Industrial Sliding Gate Motor


    The lightning-fast CENTURION D10 Turbo high-speed industrial sliding gate motor is the perfect solution for speed freaks to get their fix. Whether you’re just in a hurry, or seriously concerned about your security, there is no time wasted with the D10 Turbo high-speed industrial sliding gate motor at your gate. This beast will move a gate weighing up to 1000kg and, depending on the weight of the gate, can reach speeds of up to 50 metres per minute. It’s our fastest operator yet!

  • FAAC 844 Sliding Gate Motor

    • Ideal for demanding applications
    • Electronic equipment can be fitted internally or remotely, allowing maximum flexibility during installation
    • Adjustable torque settings
    • Reliability and long life due to the internal mechanical components being immersed in a perpetual oil bath
    • Models are available for rack and pinion or chain drive.

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